Reefton, City of light? Pt 1.

After my first attempt to catch the ebony trouts of the Rahu river, which failed, i decide to go to Reefton which was only about 50 k’s from Rahu.

The Maruia guide i spoke to acknowledged the Inangahua river as a pristine fishery. Well, if it was an attempt to mislead me in order to whipe the board for himself, i just couldn’t know. He seemed nice and we had the same kind of dog so i decided to go there. Apparantly, having the same kind of dog as someone can be the key to one anothers trust.

Anyhow, the river was no more than 40 k’s away. While at the upper accesspoint of the Inangahua swingbridge, down a narrow gravelroad from the main road, i assembled my rod to take a walk. I had just been humiliated by the trouts of Rahu so i decided to limit my stay to something like 45 minutes to minimize the risk of snapping my rod due to frustration.

Deep dark pools surrounded by calmly flowing runs and an overall jungle-aztec feeling of the river made the day. The honey coloured crystal clear water tried to help me glance down into the depths of the pools but darkness prevailed. I assumed the fish was congregating in the depths waiting for eveningtime were their morbid plans were to rise up and devour. Devour mice, birds, dogs and even childs.

Sorry, just mice and insects.

After the refreshing walk i returned to the car, inserted the key in the engine and made a twist expecting the whirr of the shy corolla to fill my ears.

But nothing. A brief moment of panic occured before i realised the light switch was still on. So up the road i went to wave for some help of the main road.

Nobody in Nz seem to carry jumpercables with them. But one guy had a rope and a 4×4 truck so he decided to help me toaststart my puny corolla. I then was so sick and tired of all this so i intended to screw troutfishing to get myself and the car up to the north island.

This guy told me in case i was headed for Reefton. To check out the Old Breadshop Backpackers because it’s a really cheap stay and the owner loves fishing.

Well, i’ll give it one night then just to rejuvinate myself and stash up the shrinking supply of food.

And so i entered Reefton – The town of light, as the welcoming sign says.

To be followed.



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