The Town of Light huh?

I decided today that i will end the little Reefton story.

There’s not much else to say about my last week here part from that the rain delivered just the anmount of water that it would take to turn the desert of Sahara into a rainforest, or maybe an ocean. And rain is generally not good for the fishing at this time of the year. So i sit around on my ass all through the days, waiting for brighter times.

The rivers are raging down their gorges in a hostile manner, leaving me with no other option than to use that hidden ace which is nothing but the Rahu. The Rahu and its beatiful trouts are resilient, no matter how much it rains, you can always go there during the next day and perform high class sightfishing. Wonderful!

No wait, you can even sightfish in the rain, it’s that good!

But let me tell you quickly about Trevor, the manager of the backpackers. He’s a Aussie who loves troutfishing. He moved here eight years ago just to be able to enjoy legendary fishing seven months a year. He took me fishing for the evening rise at a river called Little Grey river.

A beatiful little river with dark tea-coloured water that reminds me of the waters back home. It’s not a river suited for sightfishing though, because you can’t really see the fish. Instead, it got perfect calm runs were it’s a pleasure to look out for the rising evening-trout. Sadly our attempt was during a coldsnap so we didn’t see any rises.

But the best thing with fishing during a beatiful evening is that you don’t really have to catch a fish.

DSC_0070 DSC_0074


When i woke up this morning we finally had the sun shining through the windows at the Old Breadshop. But it would take more than a couple of hours of morning sun for the rivers to slow down.

So, as said, i went to Rahu. And to my disappointment the sun was only shining in Reefton. Grey clouds and carefully sparkling rain was hanging over the area in and around Rahu. But the water was as good as crystal clear and its strong flow was just not affecting my chance of getting myself a trout.

Like i mentioned in my earlier post ”The Mysterious Rahu” a trout that sucked in my stonefly got away due to me performing an Premature Strike. A scenario that led me to a much better catch, thought i. Fact is that i kind of caught the King of the river rather than the Queen.

The river was diffrent today, it had a steady flow and the hailstorm had altered the pools and runs slightly. With that in mind i was a little bit worried because, what i wanted to do was to get back and have my revenge on the fish i missed. The rivers alteration led to me spotting a few trout in spots were i’ve never seen fish before – which was great. But still, i really hope that fish i missed last time is still feeding in the same spot. And as i got there and fixated my eyes right on the spot, my heart broke as i couldn’t see the fish anywhere.

Just as i was about to stumble further up i saw a great shadow getting in position. Wow, that trout was not that much smaller afterall.

I was standing in a optimal position for casting to the trout. I used my stonefly straight away with a parachute adams as the dry alternative.

First cast, ignored. Second cast, sniff. Third…

No, according to the book i’m reading, i am not supposed to put the same fly in front of a trout who already has sniffed and denied my offer. So i didn’t. What i was supposed to do though, was to change fly and relax for a few minutes. Pheasant tail size 18 applied. And waiting for a few minutes seemed to be mandatory as the five meter tippet tangled.

But I was all fresh, i had the patience to solve a medium-advanced tangle without curses. Well fter that was done, i managed to put the fly out perfectly.

The trout seemed to miss it, at first, but then she went all like –

Wait what? Was that a pheasant tail? Oh ye, i fucking love pheasant tails!

And i allowed for a brief pause before hooking her this time. I then felt like Rambo for some reason as the situation forced me to jump into the water and fight the fish around the pool to get her into the runway for hooked fish, a runway situated at the other side of the river.

This wasn’t too easy though, but it was lots of fun as she jumped and acted pretty much like a dolphin.


(Speights owe me a sixpack for this shit.)


And there goes the Rahu Queen straight back to her throne in the everclear water.

I f***** love the Rahu river.

But i still hate paradise ducks. Pez

4 reaktioner på ”The Town of Light huh?

  1. looks great freddie, glad to see your having a good time with uncle trev! How long until we see some salmon shots on here? keep the dream alive broooooo for the brossss

    • Ey, Lewis? =)

      When i’m man enough i’ll get my first sal…

      no just kidding i have to wait for the runs, maybe in mars some time hopefully =)

      Hope you’re having a good time in Bali. Look out for a blonde litte fella named Magnus!


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