Alas, Reefton. :(

After having a glance at the weather report for the coming week i just decided to go north on tuesday already. I really love Reefton but having rain 11 days out of 15 whereas the rivers around here are fishable for 2-3 of theese days, makes me feel like i need to spend this time elsewhere. I will definitely come back after that the earth has made its way further ahead in its annual circle.

1,5 week until Magnus the Pussycat arrives at Auckland Airport whereat i intend to pick him up in the exhausted but yet healthy corolla.

That is also 1,5 week of more lone-ranger style fishing. Since I haven’t caught any nice wild Rainbow trouts since i got here, I’ve just spent well over 2 hours doing research on about were to catch a strong trophy rainbow. Not only do i want to catch a trophy rainbow, I want to do some effortless fishing aswell. Stand at some nice shore at dusk, presenting the fly, wait and strike.

Although brown trouts, for me, come with such a bloody hassle all the time, the feeling of hooking one exceeds any other feeling of greatness in the world.

I wouldn’t exchange, let’s see here, let’s say 50 000 $ for the joy and memory of catching my Rahu beast.

No, I’d respectfully refuse.

Anyhow, up north i go.


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