Hawkes Bay

just one week ago i left the rainy southwest to seek out both blue skies and clear rivers in the north. I arrived in Taupo to pick up my brand new ”Discovery” rod from troutshop.nz.

The rod was fantastic. After all time spent with low catchrates in the south, my flame, burning for fishing started to wane. But the new rod came like a new shipment of coal with the intention maintain the seemingly ever-burning fire. The shopowner and the co-designer of the Rod Craig pinpointed some awesome fishingdirections on my map that was outside of Taupo and therefore a bit less crowded.

It happend to be a lot of dots on the Hawkes Bay area so i didn’t really struggle making my mind up about where to go.

The first dot that caught my attention was the Esk River, a seemingly small river that was supposed to hold large fish.

I spent a couple of days on the river. One of the days i spent with a man named Daniel whom i met early in the morning before heading out. At first, we decided to go diffrent ways on the river, instead, we caught up and decided to fish together.

Yeah, the whole journey is a long and exciting story which i would love to tell. But caught within a summerfeel i don’t really feel like spending time behind the screen writing.

So here comes a series of pictures to tell the tale.

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

Caught myself a trout the first afternoon already! But hell, this fish brought me down a good 50 meters downstreams before i could throw my greedy hands all over him. The fish in the Esk River fights really, really hard. As seen on the picture he didn’t really want to relax for just a few seconds. The 2nd day, the day before i met Daniel, i had two fish ripping through my line like nothing.


Daniels first fish for the day. It may look small but it’s generally because he’s tall 😉 Beatiful fish however.


Fish number two, a beatiful 5pound female.

DSC_0067 DSC_0070 DSC_0071

Fish number three, another beaty. Seeing this one jump on the small clear pool was supposingly way cooler than seeing a pack of Ocras jumping.


Fish number four, my first wild rainbow. Made my day =)

DSC_0076 DSC_0084

Daniel hooking fish number five. A fish swimming around all alone in a big pool. Our conclusion before landing it was that this fish was a beaty like all the others.

But hey. What the fuck is this?

DSC_0086 DSC_0091

Not that cute to be honest.


After that i landed another rainbow on the way back home. A great day at the river, the pictures tells the story.

At the moment i’m staying in Huamoana in a caravan. When i get more time i will upload pictures from the last three days, three days filled with awesomeness. But for now i can’t be bothered lurking the computer.

Peace out!


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