No Bloody Title.

I really haven’t got out on the river chasing trophies for real lately. I’ve been busy hanging around with various nice people doing whatever you can do to waste precious fishing time away.

Luckily for me, some of these people accepted the fact that if you want to be my friend for real, you’ve got to join me fishing at times.

Eilidh, a somewhat crazy (crazy is good) Scottish girl proved to have the minerals when it comes to fishing. She was stubborn, relentlessly swingin’ it even after I got tired of fishing. Something that I didn’t expect from someone like her that never wielded a rod before, part from some yellow toy rod that she managed to snap while foul hooking a bootie back in the brave country of hers.

DSC_0071 DSC_0059DSC_0067

I’ve never seen anyone catching fish like Eilidh. She thought that if she kept on catching fragments of something that once was not much unlike a fish, the day would come when she can tell her friends she caught a fish.

I got surprised when I asked her to come out fishing with me yet another time. Taking girls out fishing usually results in numerous nightmares were the words “Oh my god, what have I done” echoes through the long, horrendously sweaty nights.


This time she managed to hold a fish, good.


Not implying she loved it.

And best of it all, she suffered an overload of excitement when a real fish got caught. I just can’t wait to take this one out on the rivers! Either to see people or have myself derail out in excitement due to the capture of a fish is what it’s all about for me.

Magnus, yet another crazed persona followed me out on the Mangatutu stream last week. The river was perfect for the purpose of introducing someone to flyfishing.


Nowhere else on this earth have I experienced catching fish  as easy and fun at the same time.  Sadly, the river was blurry and made sight fishing a hard one.

Magnus instantly became an expert on New Zealand Rivers after like 15 minutes and squeezed out something like “The river is too dirty to fish”, secretly trying to drag my mood down so that maybe I would concur and turn back.

Was it the cold water? Was it the thorny blackberry bushes? Or was this just not his kind of thing?

For a second I wished to replace him with the Scottish girl but that wouldn’t really be possible so I dragged him upstream and prayed for me to catch some fish in order to plant a little seed of excitement in his brain.


After hooking onto two rainbows that got away I could see in his eyes that something was happening, some degree of tediousness had faded.

Then the moment came when I sighted a fine rainbow trout feeding frantically of the surface in a calm, shallow and shadowed part of the river.

Watching it was so elegant. I had the most perfect angle from which I could cast. The excitement just buffed up after every drift as I saw the trout have a look on the flies. On the third drift the three flies I used landed straight in the motorway of food that the trout was feeding from. He made a quick turn and swallowed the indicator straight away. It was the perfect take. And Magnus got it on film! Poor quality but it’ll get uploaded on the tube and linked at the end of the post.


The river was just not as good as it used to be but Magnus’s eyes were now flamingly hot out of the thrill from the caught fish. He thought that he would be able to land a trout on his first day out fishing in NZ without any flyfishing experience whatsoever.

I would think so to, but the fish weren’t as crazy as they used to be so I was slightly worried.

We reached a perfect pool and there we sat down for lunch. Before having lunch, I showed Magnus with a few casts where to put the flies in order to get them on a good drift for this pool. While doing that, my devil inside prayed for me to hook a fish while showing but nothing happened.


So when Magnus finished dining he took the rod to try a few times while I was chomping on a nice spicy Italian sausage. It made me glad to see him try but since I thought I already did the perfect drift I didn’t really think he would get something.

With my mouth full of sausage I flew up like the feathers of a peacock when Magnus claimed he had a fish on.

At first, it seemed small and weak but it would eventually reveal itself and jump out of the water like a dolphin, forcing a giggle of excitement out of Magnus’s mouth. And it was actually a proper hard fighting healthy-looking fish.


A Beauty with a big minus on the perhaps catchrelated mouth deformity.


Poserattle! Eeeh

Later on, I caught the healthiest fish I’ve seen in New Zealand so far. A wet take we also got on film.


Magnus wanted to try and fish the same pool were I caught the fit-fish after me. The fly ended up in a tree and caused for both me and Magnus to end up swimming around in the pool upon our attempts of  the flies retrieval.

This was not the best day on the rivers of New Zealand, but it was for sure the funniest day.

Lately I’ve spent one day fishing the Tutaekuri with a few 1-2 kg fish as result. I felt that I’m about to get slightly bored of catching them rainbows. They’re simply not much of a challenge.

Brown trouts please!

Enjoy the video of me losing it twice.

Make sure to watch with 480p  or better!


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