The Perfect Trout

I’ve spent quite some time in the legendary Hawke’s Bay now. By that I’m not saying I’ve spent enough time there, it is a paradise to which I could (and hopefully will) return every year for the rest of my life.

But for now I’ve moved on.

Before I left though, I spent yet another day on the, for me, legendary Esk River. This time I was given the pleasure to enjoy the day with a German enthusiast named Alexander. A guy I’m really happy to have met since part from a nice guy he’s also really into filming the deeds of hooking fish which is a great way to preserve memories. He did get some footy but sadly it was just not enough to make a short film out of. But we’ll meet up again in the south island to hopefully make the short film reality. there’s his blogg.

We walked slowly upstream from the end of Ellis Wallace Road with the bright morning sun and a discreet cuddly wind in our faces. I really had the feels that this day was destined to be a great one.

After spooking a couple of careful rainbow trout that were hanging out under a submerged branch I kind of felt discouraged as I reminded myself about the fact that this river probably has been fished by dozens of fishermen since my last visit. Many visits from fishermen results in either dead or very careful fish. The next two pools were empty and lifeless, leaving me with the feeling of walking around in a shadow from the past – this place used to be boiling with fish!

But right were a blurry riffle edged out into the pool, there were a spot where a fish impossibly could be sighted. Alex walked on by but I wanted to give it just one blind shot like a hunter shooting blindly into a bush, praying for that perfect lucky shot and for a big goose to fall out.

And my indicator got sucked down by something aggressive and wild. I was expecting a medium to small sized rainbow trout but I quickly realized that this was a pristine brown trout around the 4 pound mark.

Trout0002 Trout0008 Trout0000

And this was by far the most beautiful creation I’ve ever pulled out of a lake, a river or the ocean.

Never will I just walk by a potential holdout for a trout again.

The day continued. We saw several brown trout around 5-6 pounds that we tried our best for to catch. Alex hooked two of them, one which broke the hook and one that just simply de-hooked itself. The moment when the trout broke the hook was not a very precious one…

I’m happy though, I got my perfect trout that I fear is going to cause frequent wet dreams from now on.

Oh, Fear I said? I’d much rather say; Bring it on!

Dreams of such are a PLEASURE


2 reaktioner på ”The Perfect Trout

  1. freddie i want to cum on your face…………….. no joke i fucking love you man, keep up the good work!! hope your mum doesnt read this!! x


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