Froth and Cruising in Blenheim

Leaving Wellington behind was like taking a dump in the woods and just walk away from it knowing that you’ll never see that shit ever again.

Partly kidding, Wellington is not really a bad city. But bricks, roads and skyscrapers are not what to look for while seeking out some peacefulness in a wilderness environment every once in a while. Anyhow, I ended up frothin’ it in Blenheim again. I’m happy that I’ve decided what to do already, because this place is just so out of stress. Nothing’s ever going on, the sun is shining almost every day and best of all; the city rivers are packed with healthy and beautiful brown trout. I could get stuck here for an eternity, cruising up old Taylor and Opawa every single day.

Not that I wouldn’t rather fish a proper river in a more appealing setting than a river defiled by humanity. But being able to fish away some hours right after breakfast during a nice morning walk along the river is just to good to be true.

No spending money and time on filling up gas, no sitting around in the car, no having to ”go home” – since the whole place is pretty much being at home. I can just go out and fish!

DSC_0424 DSC_0425 DSC_0440

I’ve been spending my last three mornings on the Taylor stream, which is the mayor tributary to the Opawa River. Close to the City centre and near its confluence with Opawa, the river is just as deep so glancing down to the bottom from the surface is possible. In this section most of the trout are really fuzzy feeders, but living among all the birds and humans moving around the river seem to have messed some with their defenses – they just won’t get spooked. But just outside of the busy area where the water is more shallow the trout are easily spooked.

The trout are usually not that big, they mostly stick around this size and just a little bit larger.

DSC_0412I did discover three really nice and juicy 2-3+ kg fish during my first day. Fish that are feeding in the same spots every single day. The Taylor holds two biggies and the area of the Opawa that I fish holds just one. So until today I woke up with alot of froth around my mouth thinking about catching those fish.

But today when I went up the Taylor I must have had some kind of blessing on me.


The first one got on more or less in the middle of town and rushed under a set of two bridges that I had to wade under in order to have a chance of scoring it. Feels so good that most people just walked by without even mentioning me playing it. I managed to get some help with the footy though.

The next one took in the more appealing part of the Stream outside of the city centre. A big female feeding on a beautiful edge infront of a little green river-island of her own. The little green island was like her own house. She could hide underneath it, and when she wanted to feed she just moved out and up to the edge of the pocket.

And that’s where she chomped on the wrong steak.


It took me like 40 tries and 2 meters of tippet to fool her though.

So now there’s sadly not much more to achieve in the Taylor Stream. A good time for me to continue down to Otago!

Happy New year …



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