Under the Willow Tree

This post is dedicated to all the NZ trout and three just as awesome guys; Markus, Alex and Jacob.The last month of fishing has really been great, thank you alot for all netting, tailing, photos and all of the general shitload of fun. Many thanks especially to Alex who’s been taking many photos of the many fish we’ve caught =).

After days and days out on the Duckwing Creek the contents in my fishing folder on my computer has almost duplicated – Now is the time to unload!

The first day, which only was a half-day, from the afternoon until the evening, started of pretty good. Warmth, grey clouds and absence of wind topped off with a vigorous mayfly hatch. Three gently feeding trout greeted us shortly after hitting the river. Knowing that there were more fish to be caught, Alex let me go first without hassle, and so did my conscious sense. A slightly curled tippet kind of lowered my expectations. But it all went on just fine and hell, I’ve never managed to make a trout take my mayfly on the third cast before.


Upon capturing this fish, something happened with the weather. The wind woke up and bashed through the calm afternoon, leaving behind an almost unfishable and turbulent evening.

When fishing hardly was an option and everything were bitter and rough, the twilight came out of nowhere and embraced the grey scenery. Sadly, it didn’t enhance the fishing like the scenery.

DSC_0202 (2)This is Alex cruising the shoreline with suiting camoflague.


The coming day was supposed to deliver grey and dusky conditions with a few sprinkles every now and then. On this day, I woke up, rubbed my eyes and gazed out to the skies. To my big surprise the skies were not grey, they were vivid blue.

I barged out of the car and slipped into my fishing gear, happier than ever before. And so followed a long day filled with action under the bright New Zealand sun. This day was a long one, and so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Fiske025 Fiske061 Fiske062 Fiske064

Here’s a odd one. Alex caught a trout with a fishingline sticking out of its butt. We decided to keep this one for dinner so that we could investigate the matter, a hook in the tummy would most likely lead to tragedy soon or later anyway. And in there we found a artificial nymph that the fish had swallowed. I was expecting the bare hook from a worm-fishermen. I’ve never had a fish swallow my fly like that.

The day just continued delivering trout after trout.


The next fish were caught on a willow grub. It was the best stalking experience for me so far. He was moving really, really slow upstream while chomping on Willow Grubs. I stalked him like a bandit rogue, staying at a rod length behind his back for a good twenty minutes. Finally, he was positioned in front of a gap between the willows from where I had just enough space to stretch my arm out and drop the fly. With a juicy terrestrial as an alternative to the tiny larva, the fish still went for the Willow Grub. To win the fight I had to launch myself into the water through the bush to prevent him from running me through hundreds of branches and twigs.

Fiske071After, we fished for the trout rising to the mayflies hatching in the evening.


After the sunset we drove off to hang out with Jacob and Markus who were fishing another part of the river. After some gaggle about everything and nothing we decided to fish all four of us together during the next day. Our goal was to just relax and cruise the river while hopefully catching the occasional fish in the heat of the sun.

And so followed another wonderful day at the river.


The camp.

DSC_0213Jacob with a trophy-pepsi. Just look at those colors.

DSC_0218DSC_0296DSC_0297IMG_1201 (2)IMG_1127 (2)DSC_0265IMG_1186IMG_1196Fiske067

We found an enormous pool surrounded by a steep grass covered cliff. If one climbed this cliff and carefully approached the edge to glance down, one could see the huge, foul abominations lurking beneath. Two of the trout were gigantic, and so was also a much unexpected redfin perch.

Yea, a huge perch was standing up for its rights against the 10-20 trout that reside in the pool. We giggled to the sight of him chasing around a 4-5 lb trout – what a boss-perch!

But it all ended when a huge Trutta-Norrlandikus came swimming up the river.

DSC_0242The Trutta-Norrlandikus does only feed on Aioli Bread, Noodles, pizza from Pizza Hut and Muesli Bars so catching him on the fly is pretty hard. Alex went to get his fly tying kit just to see what he could do. Hopefully, a well presented noodle string imitation made out of cotton thread could catch his attention and, in the luckiest of situations, also tempt it enough to take.

DSC_0240DSC_0241Sadly, he saw us shortly after.

The waving is an indication that the Trutta-Norrlandikus has been spooked.

The fishing then continued. This time, stalking some nice trout under the willows was what got selected on the diverse meny.

I found this trout, a big one. In difference to the other big trout, this one was either pretty stupid or just a bit clumsy. I hurled out a rubber-legged random terrestrial to which he responded pretty well on the first drift. But after just a brief relationship with the hook he separated.

Damn, I really wanted that fish. It just kept on looking bigger and even juicier. But now, spooked and gone with the wind.

I had a chat to Jacob who just caught up with me. During our chat, a big juicy fish positioned itself in the middle of the stream, clearly unaware of our presence. We watched it while it slowly hovered back to the position where I just hooked the fish before – Can it be?

Unbelievable. Not only did he return to his position, he also returned to feeding.

Replay. Nice. I changed my fly to a similar one and placed the willow grub 15 centimeters behind. With not too much hope I slapped the surface with my little combo. He took the fat fly straight away but; the fish did not get properly hooked this time. Allthough, I didn’t lose the fish. Somehow the fly managed to make its way from the mouth to the fish’s ass. Several minutes in the land of nervousness followed before Jacob finally managed to grab the fish’s fin 10-15 meters away from me.

Thank you Miss Fortune, and Jacob, thank you too!

IMG_1234 (2)The day followed. I did some fishing on my own and managed to crack another beauty with some help from my lucky star.

DSC_0309This one was barely feeding, standing in front of another trout who were feeding quite frantically. I tried a few drifts for it but he ignored my offers. I then decided to go for the smaller fish at the rear. While trying, trying and trying; I accidentally slapped the mayfly in the face of this fish with a splash, a splash that somehow triggered some degree of aggression. Such a strong, strong fish.

And so, yet anoter day in paradise ended.

I also fished away a grey day with Alex on the same river. We got three nice fish to the net.

Fiske014Fiske005That’s two of them, the first and missing fish swam away in the air right before the first shot was made with the camera.

Pity since it was just as precious as the loveliest of jewels.

Well. that’s it for this time.

Many, many thanks.


Markymark IMG_1265

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