Over and out, almost.

Went out on a mission a few weeks ago. I totally feel like putting up a nice text about the days out, but days with catch included has started to be taken for granted in the world of my own. It’s a horrible feeling, I feel like I need to get away from Nz for a while and start nailing spawning pike pretty soon now. Which I will.

But let me just, with the help of a few pictures, try to explain whats been going on lately.

I passed by Queenstown to celebrate that this maniac has survived yet another year on earth, which is great.

DSCN0012 I spent one third of my budget doing that, which was kind of stupid. Some part of me wanted to leave the life in the Corolla, and as long as there were money in the bank I would continue that life. But I got frustrated way to often, not about the fishing, it was all about that the car was like a black hole. It was such a mess so that whatever I tried to store in the car would be gone the next morning. Sucked up by the law of, law of I don’t know what. Things just love to disappear in places where you just know that whatever you’ve lost is around somewhere, you just don’t know where exactly. It was really bad, I couldn’t even find my shoes in it.

With a tiny budget I planned my very last move of the 2014 february fishing trip. Back to where I roamed one year ago, among huge salmon, brown and rainbow trout – Rakaia.

And now I’m gonna stick to the plan of letting the pictures speak, that because nothing really exciting happened here.


That’s me and Alex cruising around with froth all over our mouths.

DSC_0043That’s our dead-serious cameracrew.

Two days without much more excitement than that we actually caught a fish on a dry fly. Those dusty old Royal Wulff finally got wet, sucked down by a testoterone-freak rainbow trout. The fish was so strong and compact that fighting it in the shallow, fairly fast flowing water was just a pain in the ass for the nerves.

First, it rain downstream. Then it ran in and through a submerged branch with a hundred twigs pointing out from it in every direction. The fish made it through the twigs but my line was sure to get stuck, and that was it, thought I. Alex said that there’s not chance I could untangle it and assumed I wanted to proceed fighting the fish all tangled up. No way, germans being pessimistic fuels my courage to do things against the odds. I freed my line from the twigs and got tension in the rod once again. It was still heavy and, to my surprise, there was not only tension but even some life on the other end as well.

It’s on, thought I. But a split second later my rod tip got stuck in some stupid little set of twigs that almost made me lose both my fish and my mind. I janked the stuck rod tip while the fish was bending it in a not so healthy manner. And so did the rod snap, thought I. The rod tip actually just fell of. Which still was a problem.

However, it seemed that I’ve for once had made fine knots and everything went fine. Alex got both my rod tip and the fish in the same net.


This is right before my rod tip glided down the line to hang around just outside the fish’s mouth.

yeaahhcrazyassJust saying, pro cameracrew.

Sadly, we did just get this one fish in two days. So I haven’t really got anything more interesting than me puking noodles due to overconsumption to tell about these days.

During the second day I drove of to Blenheim to find myself a job. I thought getting a job there would be like eating whipped cream with a spoon. But the whole job situation were chaotic and so I got forced to continue life in my car, this time by the Wairau River, all alone while waiting for a job to pop up. I gave it a few days but my feeling about the place just kept on getting worse.

I was a bum, an outcast – No one to lean on, no one to talk to and no money in the bank neither on the phone. I had nothing but my fishing rod and a spoiled sense for fishing.

I went out on the Wairau one Sunday when I couldn’t look for jobs anyways. I realized how spoiled I’ve been on this one. I caught three fish and instead of being happy about that, I was freaking out totally by the fact that Rio’s stupid 5x “powerflex” line snapped during the strike two times in a row on two nice fish. Luckily I threw it away in anger and applied Umpqua’s 5x which did help a lot with the third fish.

I still had a fantastic day though. The fact that I caught my first brown trout ever on the Wairau exactly one year ago made me feel like I was doing something good for some reason. I’ve always wanted to go back to that lovely river – and I did!

This fish made me puke happiness though. I casted for a slowly moving, very blurry shadow out in a windy slow flowing section. It was so unsharp that I could barely see its movement. When the shadow was close to my fly I lost the sight of it, or if it was my trust in my eyes I lost I just don’t know, but all of sudden a gap popped the surface and the fly disappeared, and so I lifted the rod tip and felt nothing but happiness.

I’m currently in Akaroa making plans for my future. Fate will tell if I’ve caught my last Kiwi trout for this year yet.

That’s enough now, Peace.


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