I am currently fooling around a little with my wordpress theme, something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now. So the site will look slightly messed up until that’s fixed.

I kind of have retreated from the rivers to start a work (with the enemy) on a dairy farm. It’s a whole lot of work and so I wont be fishing a lot more in NZ for now. I will however go out to the Waimakariri every now and then and hurl some flies to the evening rises. Did so yesterday with some success on a mayfly spinner but I didn’t take any pictures of the silvery brown trout and the purple twilight.

My invisible fishing calendar that is kept inside my head says that there is some nice pike fishing coming up in May and I’ve also scored a job far up in northern Sweden for the summer where I will hunt Arctic char and trout.

Keep your eyes out because I will put a link up to Alex’s short film here once it’s done. I also think Jacob is working on something that could be more than just fun to watch 🙂


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