It’s been quite some time since I arrived in Sweden now. Month of may was pretty calm especially on the fishing front. I feel that now is the time I have to suffer for all the great fishing I’ve had over in the NZ. I haven’t been just as keen on going out fishing as I thought I’d be. But on the considerably few occasions that I dragged myself or got dragged out for some fishing I actually had a pretty damn nice time.

I visited a put and take pond out in the woods which sure is the best P&T pond I’ve ever fished.

IMG_8848 (1)

The pond was crawling with these little creatures, always out for the occasional snack on the surface. Not to mention the few fairly cute native brown trout.

Part from the flyfishing I’ve spent me some time on the good old city river dam with a few decent pike as a result.

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Fishing for pike don’t necessarily have to be effortless, neither is putting zero effort in it the best way to fish for pike. But fact is that you will still catch good fish laying around in the boat while a strong healthy friend is rowing it.

Yes, it’s pretty sweet.

Now, however, I’ve left the good lazy life behind and so I have found myself in a situation not to different from my arrival in NZ.

An area with sh*tloads of water to explore and yet with not much of a clue on where to go fishing.

I’m currently in Abisko which is a small township just on the northernmost border of Sweden, far above the polar circle with the sun shining day and night all from june until august.


After spending two full days with 7-10 hours in the car I could finally see our beloved swedish mounts and the mighty ”Torneträsk” which is one of swedens deepest lakes with a peak depth of 168 meters. This lake is like the mother to the thousands of lakes and ponds that are scattered all over the region. These contain various sized populations of either tiny to large brown trout, greyling or char.


As if the abundance of lakes and ponds wasn’t enough, all of these are connected with series of short rivers that sure looks worthwhile exploring to me. I can’t wait until the water level drops and to when the clear reflection of the midnight sun are blurred by fish rising to the outcome of a vigorous caddis hatch.

I have so far not managed to get out on the water to much. The air is cool and the water level, as said, is high, fuelled by the melting snow that comes raging down the valleys. Today for an example, it’s snowing as if Christmas wasn’t to far away from being just around the corner.

I have explored a cute little stream just outside of the village. The stream is crystal clear and has a few sections with some really nice looking water. But I’ve come to realise that finding good waters to fish in sweden might be a little harder than NZ, there’s just so much to explore.

After exploring this little stream three days in a row I finally got in touch with a char. The one and only fish in the stream – A real escape artist of a char.

He nailed my tungsten Copper John three times and got away with it after just being briefly hooked. After the third time I tried to bust him with the net, running after him in the icing cold water. But this bitch got away.

I guess that some fish just aren’t meant to be caught.


A beautiful river, sadly the population is one untameable char.

Thanks to my lovely parents that helped me out with getting a new healthy computer I’m now back on the blogging which feels great! =)

I have some manic char and greyling hunts coming up as soon as the weather clears the f*ck up, and that with my classic fishing buddy Nils!



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