25 ys ol

In the year of 2000 during the month of June, one of Swedens largest chars was caught in a lake that goes by quite a few different names on quite a few different maps. Don’t ask why because I don’t have a clue but let’s just call it Lake Pessi. This char however weighted 4,55 kilos which is pretty much 10 pounds.

A few hours of walking up into the mountainous area laid my target; Lake pessi, hopefully still inhabited by a char or two like that. After reaching a certain altitude, trees can barely be seen anywhere, mosquitoes are as usual as everywhere, the scenery is unnaturally natural and the vastness of it all might give one the feeling of being incredibly small. Not even a titan or Godzilla would look big there.

A few hours after stepping out of the car in the humid air I reached a point from where I finally could see the lake. A great feeling even though there obviously are quite a few steps left before the fun actually starts.


Lake pessi.

Large caddis was flying around the huge, seemingly dead shoreline. Not a single rise, just a throng of nagging mosquito. After busting around the entire lake and its willowed shoreline without seeing any impressing rises within reach I decided I’ll give up and forget about chars.

I felt like a huge fool. Why did I come all the way up here just because I read on the internet that someone, 14 years ago, caught a nice char here?

I sat down in my bitterness while watching the chars play way out of reach on the mirror-like lake.

I realized that the sun wasn’t going to go down at all and that time was yet to pass midnight, so I busted out the map just too see if I could find something of interest. There was a smaller, narrower lake 30-40 minutes away; i wouldn’t even be able to spell the name of the lake with a regular keyboard so let’s just forget about that.


My new target in daylight.

This lake was even shallower; all that rippled the surface were a bunch of birds. Considering the cold winters, the water would probably be frozen all the way down to the very bottom of it, hence its lack of char. I set up my tent and poured some water into my pot in order to cook some noodles. Not that I was hungry, I’d just eat for the sake of easing up my remorseful chest.

While eating, I finally saw a few ripples that came from something submerged – hopefully not a diving bird. That which could have been rises didn’t look very impressive but it’d be stupid not to give it a shot.

I finished off the noodles, hurried down to the shore and hurled line and fly out in the area in which I’ve seen the rise and waited… And waited….


Nothing happened for quite a while.

Finally something struck the surface nearby, struck again even closer, and finally a plow-ripple created by what was swimming under the surface collided with the fly. And so I caught my first Arctic char ever. Not exactly a Charizard but it fought well and made me pretty damn happy.


The night continued, and the absence of rises was not related to absence of fish. It was just that the big caddis didn’t end up on the surface very often, but when they did they were sure to get swallowed by the beautiful and healthy 1-2 pound char that was lurking the shoreline. I caught and released a bunch of them and had a least to say fun and exciting night accompanied by the sun.


This is the sun rising, approximately an hour after setting.

The coming day offered nothing but fairly strong winds and didn’t allow me to enjoy dryfly fishing from the shore so instead I went for a walk up the mounts to enjoy the freedom that its vastness offered.


The behind-side of the” Lapp Portal”.


The next night started off pretty well but a light gust spoiled the mirror-ish surface so I went to bed, happy enough about the first night in order to fall asleep.

And that’s all part from the not-to-exciting walk back to the car…




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