Bye for now!

I’ve been running and running away from all of these god forsaken Swedish winters. Alot of us swedes enjoy the winter and all different activities that it offer, sadly these activities doesn’t include fishing in open water. And this is what I hate about Sweden, the winter.

There is no escaping the winter this time. I’ve just got to try and get through the misery.

Hopefully I will be able to get out on the ice to hunt for some pike, that’s something at least. I also wish that I’ll be able to craft a few lures just so I have something to come up with here on the blog. Right now I’m just sitting around at a hostel down in Barcelona where I will spend October, for this I feel so stupid regarding the fact that October is my favourite month when it comes to pikehunting.

I’m really slushy inside my brains at the moment so all I’m gonna say for now is; I’ll be back soon =)

Enjoy a couple of pictures from this season.


Mirrors, not even the stealthiest fish can rise unnoticed here.


The first attendants of an annual char-orgy.


More mirrors.


This summers largest and absolutely finest trout. Just have a good look at those red dots. I freaked the fuck out á la ”yosemitebear – double rainbow” when this one fell for the net. Honestly, I might seem pretty calm and sensible to some people, but the harsh truth is that I’m pretty much an insane maniac.


Another Swedish beauty from the same river. This fellow jack wasn’t really that well-dressed but he wasn’t far behind at all. I’m sure he got to fertilize a good amount of roe this autumn! Can’t help to mention the 7 pound or 3kg+ jack that I sighted in the same section of the river. That large jack had a face just as big as mine. I can’t believe I didn’t put enough effort to catch that monster. I’m sure he’d make even the sneakiest kiwi wet his or her pants.

That’s all for today. Might put up a short film here soon.


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