Just another Char picture

Here’s a photo that I found particularly interesting. I do think it possesses an essence of magic. That might simply be by the colours and that it contains a blurry image of an magical creature.



– A char.

But what does ”Char” really mean? Why weren’t they simply named ”Red Trout” just like the ”Rainbow Trout” or the ”Brown trout”?

This is a typical thing I like to think about while resting the dog in the woods.

I noticed recently that I’ve been referring to pokémon quite alot in my blog entries. It does make sense, since I wanna catch all fish, without killing them.

But it’s not as simple as that this time.

Note the fiery pokemon ”Charmander” which evolves into ”Charmeleon”which in turn evolves into the pokemons final stage – ”Charizard”.

This is a flamingly orange little lizard-like creature with a little flame on it’s tail. Needless to say, this creature breathes fire. This kind of tells me that the word char has something to do with fire since all of the pokemons three different stages combines ”Char” with Salamander, Kameleon and Lizard.



Since I’ve never seen or heard the word ”Char” used to describe anything other than the fish before, I found it particularly interesting that this flamingly orange/red pokemon’s name has got the name of a fish in it, a fish that also happens to be orange/red.

Did the creators of pokemon refer to the fish ”Char” while creating this pokemon? I wouldn’t think so.

Char simply refers to the act of turning any substance into coal. It could’ve been named coalify, but it’s not. This procedure usually occur through fire, and fire is orange/red. Once the *wood* is burned to coal, it’s (char)red.

Hence the name Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard, they spit flames, flames that turn their foes into coal.

Not that our precious fish would turn anything into coal, but their name still makes a hell lot of sense – and that due to their fiery colouration.

Arctic Char – the submerged embers of the north.

My conclusion: The name ”Char” is related to the fish’s fiery colour.










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