The earth has finally rotated just so much that wintertime is on its way out the door of the four seasons. It’s a gentle sight to see the winter leave once more. But even if every winter is born with gloom and darkness, it still has the habit of giving us some pristine beauty when it comes to an end. Just as if it wants to be forgiven for keeping us in the dark for so long.

Late winter usually combines its sparkling ice and snow with the rays of its lowly but strong sun, giving us more light than we ever could’ve asked the summer for.

Me and Nils woke up very early, long before the sun had finished its climb towards the sky. A twofold nagging headache related to some lack of sleep kept our spirit so far down that we started teasing each other over a diversity of personal symptoms. While finally on the ice, we tried to re-friend each other, but a murderous battle almost erupted when I for some reason felt that I was the one who deserved to use the best of the seven roaches we had for bait.

Things got out of hand and…


Our first pike was pissed out of its mind…


Even the swans felt turbulence in the atmosphere and left…

Was it the early hour? Was it the absence of sun? Or was it just Nils trying to quit tobacco again?

I don’t really know but things actually seemed to change when the sun had rose high enough to drive madness out from within.


Not to mention that our friend Maija came by and offered Nils some Snus and a cheerful hug.


I got an hug and a Snus aswell. And this was where madness ended. We felt both happier and stronger and managed to befriend each other again.


Even the swans found their way back peacefully.


Some magical phenomenon appeared after the sunrise.


The ice showed more colours than the rainbow!

Our next plan was to start pushing the fishing a bit by drilling some new holes in more promising and deeper areas on the lake. The pikes didn’t seem to have found their way to the more shallow parts of the lakes yet. Sadly, moving the rods a bit didn’t change what the sunny noon had to offer very much – We still sat around getting lots of Vitamin D with no fish included.


But our effort soon came to pay off. One of the indicators was swiping some air above one my most prominent holes. We ran to the hole and I grabbed my rod. Upon setting the hooks I felt how the expectations rose – this fish was a bit heavier. I asked myself – Was this it? Was I going to catch a northern monster on my first day out in Västerbotten? Not really, but still…


This sure was a nice starter.

The hours slowly passed by and the little moodswing caused by the fine pike was just about to wane when something struck the poor roach under my second-most prominent hole. This was the furthermost hole, with the juiciest bait in the deepest water. I felt my heart pounding through my chest when I first got a glance of my reel and how it spat line into the water. This could actually be it!


A fine but yet not so wealthy pike.


And this is where today’s story ends. We both walked back to the chairs and began seizing every bit of sunlight we possibly could. We fell asleep doing so and upon waking up we found to no big surprise that all of our bait was untouched. We felt like that was the time to gather our stuff and get headed back to the car.

I’m happy to have something to come up with here. My plan tomorrow is to head out on my own with a couple of rods and try my luck.






3 reaktioner på ”Hey!

  1. Hej måste säga att de är sjukt bra läsning och roligt att läsa. Var ute på Östanfors här i vintras och tog den beryktade 13,5 kilosen. Hon hade gått upp ett havkilo nu så hon låg på 14,1.

    • Aha var det du!? Kul att den tokfian lever än. Jag har sett bilden men tyvärr är det på fel sida av fisken för att jag ska kunna se om det faktiskt är samma. har du nån bild av fisken från andra sidan? (Patrik som skickade bilden förut). Vore kul att få jämföra 😛

      • japp har de när den ligger på mattan har du nån mail eller facebook så kan jag sicka över bild på den


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