Char Challenge Mode

In between my Swedish posts I decided to tell at least something in English.

I was fishing this pretty easily accessible Arctic lake last year in September. While fishing I met a man from Norway. We had the best chat I’ve ever had with a Norwegian. Not only that he was speaking the northern-Norwegian tongue which is pretty easy to interpret, he also told me one thing and another about the chars in the area.

I’m pretty narrow minded once I get hold of a fairly good spot to fish, which kind of eliminates a whole lot of other alternatives on the map. I’ve never really had to care about the vast range of opportunities that the area has to offer. He told me that the spot I was fishing was good fun with great char regarding the access level. But if I spent twenty minutes walking downhill’s from where I was and in to the thick bushes, I would reach a lake with real monsters in it.

Well, one’s got to check that out, thought I.

I went down to the lake next morning to have a glance at it. Seconds after my arrival at the lake I saw how the stellar mirror surface got rippled by a b-e-a-utiful rise. It was a calm rise, as if the fish tried to go up and by unnoticed. But the size of the fish prevented it from doing so. A large mass of water was pushed out in a 360 degree direction from where the fish swallowed its prey.

I made it clear for myself that I am going to catch that fish, no matter what. I ventured to the shore at the other side of the lake which was the area in which I saw the rise. But lurking the shoreline for hours didn’t allow time to reveal any fish and not a single rise. Between one and four hours passed before I gave up and went home.

Now, while back here in Abisko, I returned to this lake on an magnificent evening. The low late evening sun threw bright orange rays at the landscape as the absence of wind allowed the surface of the lake to assume its ultimate form – The stellar mirror.

One hour passed while I watched the still water, but nothing but a few lesser impressive rises occurred. During the second hour, something huge rose on the other side of the lake on the exact same spot from where I saw the rise last year. I have through friends, internet and laziness learned that one should let the char come to you rather than chasing the char around.

I waited. Hours drifted by one after another without letting anything disturb the surface that behaved as early November ice. Nothing ever happened or moved.

Later, I left the lake behind and walked away with a broken heart. But the mysterious lake had given me a hint that I must return once more. But first, I have to seek and find the power of infinite patience.

Anyways. A goal of mine is to catch a fish from there before the end of August.


A shot from a lake nearby. The importance of this picture is in the yellow wagon on the rail. It’s the legendary ”Golden Wagon” which is the mining company ”LKAB”‘s 1000th mineral wagon. It runs through Luleå Narvik and Gällivare. A rare sight.

DSC_0005DSC_0017 DSC_0027

The mysterious lake with its undisturbed surface.


Picture from the same lake in September last year.




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