How bad can skipping half a day in school be? I asked myself yesterday. I recently figured that the question I should have asked was how good it can be instead. This day showed me exactly just how good skipping school can get.

Eirik was on about a extremely cool spot to fish. People always tells that when bringing someone to a new spot. Problem is that things change from day to day, so I was trying not to keep my hopes up too much. But the weather was perfect for autumn pike so I could not help that those little fantasies was swirling around in my head.

I met with Eirik & Bao early in the morning, we went straight at it. Bao was excited about pike and was casting as if he knew this was going to be a good day, for sure. And as a reward for being such a early morning sunlight he was awarded with the first pike of the day.


A enemy boat was approaching and it seemed to be headed towards Eiriks secret spot.

Eirik was not happy with what we saw and that’s why we decided to not give our precious time away to ”good stops on the way”.

We reached the spot and to our big surprise the boat wasn’t there. 500-600 meters of pure heaven at our disposal, and no other boat interfering. Things looked great but the first 30 minutes didn’t bring much more than baitfish, cute pike edition, to the boat.

However, Baos positive attitude blessed him with another pike, a pike that actually deserves a little bit of jealousy.


Things were getting interesting, a pike like this normally doesn’t hang out with a swarm of baitfish all by itself.

Oh no, Bao hauled in another steamy pike just a few minutes later.


Bao was demolishing me and Eirik. At least Eirik was keeping the numbers up a bit, but me, I wasn’t even catching weeds.

There was simply to much fish around for having someone’s bait left hanging. Therefore, something interesting grabbed my bait. A big headed lady was pulled up next to the boat, the hook was clearly not set very well. Eirik was quick with the net and the fish was as good as landed when the hooks came out right at the wrong time. A really fat and liberated pike swam out of the net right in front of our eyes. I went for the floor and screamed sad things.


Luckily the late morning sun came out and lifted me up, I had to continue trying. We repeated the course because it seemed to possess what we were after. As soon as we entered the hot part of the stretch, Eiriks bait got slammed by something greater.


The bar was raised, once again. What a wonderful fish! Even though things looked so bright I could not help thinking about the one who got away, and that I probably wouldn’t be given a chance on a pike like that two times in one day.

The dwelling came to an end when something greater struck my bait. The fish pounded towards the bottom almost ripping the rod out of my hand. I had to ease up the breaks and soon enough the pike was inside the net.


It couldn’t replace the lost fish but it poured buckets filled with supports all over me.

I was feeling great, again.

And so was Eirik and Bao who already had labeled the day as a great pike day.

It just kept on getting better. After landing some more baby pikes something ravaged my bait, in the exact same location as the lost fatty – Can it be so?

No, but not that bad either.


What an insane day. Less than three hours fishing and around 15-20 pikes had already been landed, whereas 4 (almost 5) of them had been among the better ranks.

I started to agree about this day being a prime pike day. But it couldn’t match one of those days when someone lands a truly huge fish. If that would happen, I wouldn’t hesitate calling it the best day of pike fishing ever.

The fish we were hoping for was clearly out there, somewhere. We tried out a new spot on the other side while waiting for the hot stretch to cool down a little. A few contacts and a couple of doable pikes was all that side had to offer.


Since all we were thinking of was that good stretch of water on the other side we decided to go back and put all of our time and effort on it.

The zonar showed huge schools of thick slugs, preferably breams, on the screen. The catch rates had slowed down. But like the noble folks, the noble pike arrives late at the buffet. My bait was swimming in the middle of that buffet, served on a titanium platter….



A true pike, 117 cm breamslayer with a proper breambelly. That’s enough said, it was the best pike day ever.

Thanks a lot guys!


The Champions of the day! ❤








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